LeBron James Has Couple Of Fans Expelled

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James provided the much-needed relief to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was unavailable for the previous match following a suspension. The Lakers are having a dismal season so far. They started the season as one of the hot favorites. However, the way the season has turned out would not please them. They lost quite a lot of matches.

All these losses will come back to haunt them as they progress further. In their last encounter, the Lakers missed the service of James. Many doubted that a single player could not be much of an impact. However, the match against the Indiana Pacers did answer the question. 

It was one of the best performances of the season by LeBron James. He scored a total of thirty-nine points in the game. These were the highest points garnered by James in the ongoing season. The Lakers dominated the game to register a 124-116 win. James however seemed unhappy with the fan’s reaction. He particularly had a couple of fans expelled from the arena. More details on the incident are provided below.  

LeBron James Unhappy With Obscene Fans 

LeBron James did not seem very happy with a couple of fans. In their recent against Indiana Pacers, James was very much offended. He seemed to initially ignore the incident. However, just before the closing moments of the game, he sought help. James immediately asked the officials to step in. He pointed at a couple of fans and conveyed his concern. After a brief discussion, the officials asked both the fans to leave the arena. 

The fans in question were a woman along with a man. Both of them had tickets in the front row. LeBron James did not disclose the cause of expelling them. After being repeatedly questioned, he stated that their actions were obscene. He also accused the duo of performing illicit gestures.