Lenovo’s sales strong despite growing threat of US sanctions

The world’s largest computer maker Lenovo reported strong sales and profit growth for the second quarter, gaining US market share even as the threat of sanctions on Chinese companies operating in the country grows.

While many others including ByteDance, Tencent and Huawei have fallen foul of escalating restrictions from Washington, Lenovo is a rare success story in the US, maintaining its business in the country while equipping the world for the work-from-home era.

The group grew its US laptop and desktop computer market share to 16 per cent in the first half of the year, trailing only HP and Dell, according to IDC. Customers including the US Air Force bought its laptops to help staff work from home.

Unlike Huawei, which has seen its international business crippled by a years-long campaign by Washington, Lenovo’s international sales are more important to the company than ever, bringing in 79 per cent of revenue in its last fiscal year.

But risks loom as the US election approaches and the Trump administration targets everything China-related, from lip-syncing apps to online messaging platforms. So far the Hong Kong-listed company, in which the Chinese government holds a stake, has stayed on the right side of US-China relations.

“Whenever China-US relations are bad, we’re…

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