Letitia Wright Accused Of Promotions Against Vaccination

Letitia Wright
Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright is one of the most promising actors in recent times. She has mesmerized her fans with her prominent acting. She has shot to fame with her portrayal of Shuri in Marvel’s “Black Panther”. She followed it up with equally brilliant performances in Infinity War & Endgame. 

She is currently on the shooting floor for the filming of 

“Black Panther 2”. However, some of her points of view have created a bit of controversy. Letitia Wright has been accused to be promoting anti-vaccination programs. This meant she did not support the concept of vaccination, neither did she support the process. Let us learn in detail about the whole development below. 

Letitia Wright Sparks Controversy While Black Panther 2 Shoot 

Disney has come up with a unique idea. They have designed a sticker that will feature ss wristbands. These wristbands will be provided to the crew members and actors who have been vaccinated. Letitia Wright, however, did not seem to like the idea of vaccination. 

She attracted many eyeballs when she shared a video that doubted the procedures of vaccines. This instantly made a huge impact on social media. Fans and followers labeled Wright as ” anti-vax”. The video shared by Wright was sixty-nine minutes long. The video featured Tomi Arayomi. Arayomi is the leader of the Light London Church. The video in question saw Arayomi criticizing the methods in which the vaccination was structured. 

Both Letitia Wright and Tomi Arayomi faced huge backlashes for the video. However, Arayomi responded by stating that going against the tide was a crime these days. He stated that if an individual questioned the traditional path, society tries to shut him down. Wright clarified that she had no intention of hurting anybody’s sentiments. She meant it to raise awareness about the vaccination procedures. 

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