Lewis Hamilton finds F1 engine modes saga “amusing”

From this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, the FIA has outlawed teams from using any special ‘party mode’ to boost engine power for single laps in qualifying.

Instead, teams will have to run with consistent modes throughout qualifying and the race.

While the FIA stated that it was imposing the ban because it wanted to be more confident about its policing of what teams were up to with engines, Hamilton said he is intrigued about politicking from other teams.

“I find it kind of amusing because the FIA said that it was so they could manage everyone’s useage of the engine or something like that,” explained Hamilton ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

“And then Red Bull came and said: we were the ones just pushing for it. So it’s just completely different reasons why they did it.”

Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas are both convinced that, while the ban will impact their team, they think the difference will be minimal.

“I think naturally we lose a little bit,” added Hamilton. “But it’s not the end of the day. So I think everyone potentially would lose something but maybe some more than others. And no one particularly knows I think.”

Bottas backed up the view that the change will free up better engine modes for the race, as the power units would not be so compromised on reliability by having to run at full…

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