LMS Marketing Campaign: 6 Freebies You Can Offer

Cost-Effective Gifts To Offer During Your Next LMS Marketing Campaign

Enticing customers with free gifts is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the world. It’s a convenient way to offer potential customers a taste of your products or services. The plan is they’ll like the samples so much that they’ll come back and buy something. It works pretty well with consumables like food and beverages, but how does it apply to intellectual property? What gifts can you offer that will entice eLearning customers to buy your online training software?

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Build The Buzz On A Budget: How To Promote Your LMS Online And Boost Profits

A useful tool for marketing professionals in the learning tech industry who want to make an impact.

Here Are 6 Cost-Effective Ideas To Make Your LMS Marketing Campaign A Success

So, you’ve set your goals straight and you’re now ready to spread the word about your special product with a new LMS marketing campaign. In order for your efforts to bring results, you’ll have to create enticing Call-To-Action flows or even offer freebies. This approach will make prospects get to a decision faster. “What’s in it…

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