Lorde And Her Interesting Album Cover

Lorde, the music sensation from New Zealand, will soon be releasing another album for the third time in her career. The name of her upcoming album is Solar Power. It is to be released on the 20th of August. She has won the Grammy awards twice. The “Royals” singer appeared on the platform of the American talk show, the Late Show. There, she spilled a few details on her new musical project. The episode aired on the 21st of June.

Lorde On Happiness

The 24-year-old Grammy-winning artist said that the photo that is on her album was taken by one of her friends. Stephen Colbert, the host of the show, stated that it was a “beautiful” picture. She further gave away a few details about it. Lorde stated that the photo reveals her with her friend. And she was just having fun with her friend jumping around the beach.

She also stated that he was wearing a bikini that revealed her butt. The singer further spoke about her genuine feelings with regard to the moment the picture was taken. She stated that she was full of joy. And along with that, Lorde was full of a plethora of feelings all at once like that of innocence, happiness, and also sexy about herself.  

The host of the talk show too approved of whatever she said about the picture, he approved that the picture looked exactly how she described it to be. He said that it reveals feelings of freedom and happiness. The 57-year-old American comedian also gave a humorous statement following the conversation. He said that he would have done what Lorde did on the beach if he had a butt like hers. The singer released her single at the beginning of this month. And she will soon start attending live shows. Reports also say that the singer will be doing her international tours in the coming year.