Until His Unexpected Demise, Marilu Henner And Treat: “Never Lost Connection.”

Marilu Henner

Treat Williams, who passed away on Monday at the age of 71 after being involved in a motorbike accident, was a lifetime friend of Marilu Henner.

Marilu Henner, 71 as well, collaborated with Williams on her first production on Broadway and discusses their relationship exclusively with the media. They portrayed two lovers wildly in love and could not stop kissing throughout the concert, says Marilu Henner. William had assisted Marilu at the beginning of her journey in NYC. 

Marilu Henner Opens Up Exclusively On Her Relationship With Treat Williams Throughout The Years

Recalling their days together, Marilu says that at the beginning, he even allowed her to stay over at his apartment in the city, reveals the star from Taxi. She stayed over at times while he had been away, working at some gig after having performed a Broadway show. Williams and Henner both starred in Hallmark Channel productions after co-starring in Grease on Broadway. Marilu Henner asserts that they never lost their connection. Throughout the years they have checked up on one another and have had each other’s backs. Williams was a unique individual, says Henner, further adding that he had marvelous skills, was extremely vivacious, loved acting, and mostly was a devoted man to his family.

Williams, according to the actress, was passionate about whatever he did. She says that he was extremely witty and vivacious and super supportive. He cherished Vermont. He was also proud of the family he had and his partner and children. 

Barry McPherson, who had represented Williams for 15 years, told the media this Monday that the actor had passed away. He declared feeling devastated over the loss. “He had been the friendliest man. He had such skill. Williams was riding his motorbike close to his house in Vermont when he had been struck by a vehicle on Route 30, Vermont, according to Jacob Gribble, fire chief.