Marilyn Manson Accused By Esme Bianco

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson, the American singer and songwriter is accused of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse by Esme Bianco, the actress from the drama, Game of Thrones. The allegations were made this Friday. Following this, the lawsuit has been filed in one of the federal courts of Los Angeles.

Marilyn Manson Gave Rape Threats Allegedly

It has been said in the lawsuit that the laws of human trafficking had been violated by the accused. This has been alleged by Esme Bianco. The actress claimed that she was made to travel all the way from England to California by him. He had done saying that she had some role to play in some movie and music videos. However, none of it proved to be true.

An email had been sent to the attorney of the accused singer who had represented him in a case earlier. There was no reply that was received from the attorney. Marilyn Manson had earlier clarified that the relationships that he was involved in, all took place on a consensual basis. 

As per the lawsuit, Brian Warner, the accused, made Bianco travel to Los Angeles in the year 2009. The purpose behind this, as stated, was for a video shoot for one of the songs of the 52-year-old singer. Surprisingly, it also states that the actress was made to stay at the home of Marilyn Manson even though a hotel room has been booked for her accommodation. Furthermore, none of the crew members was present at his home. There were just the two of them. And the singer was shooting for the video with a single phone. It also says that the actress was not allowed any food or sleep. She was given drugs and alcohol instead. Marilyn Manson threatened her saying that she would get raped by him.