Meet DJ Keys, The Italian International DJ

He is 24 years old, is from Italy and is one of the most popular Dj in Italy . He’s name is Jacopo Milceri Bausoto known by the stage name Dj Keys and is a talented musician part of the Blaco Y Negro label which is so famous in Balkan and Europe too.

At a conversation with Dj Keys he confirm that is so excited with what he is doing at the moment and since a child was his dream being a professional DJ.

From 2014 he do the professional DJ everywhere in Italia. He play in different clubs every weekend like IL BLOK Club , MADE Club , CHARLIE Disco Club etc.

At the same time DJ Keys do the music producer from himself and some remixes of some popular songs like “Despasito” “In the name of Love” “Without You” etc . His last release called “In a Dream” was a huge succes from him and part of Blaco Y Negro label .
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