Microlearning Strategies L&D Leaders Use To Drive Strategic Innovation

Using Microlearning Strategies To Inspire Innovation

Innovation is the necessary catalyst you need to grow and secure the future of your business in the ever-changing marketplace. Innovation is how new ideas, business models, improved processes, products, and services are developed. This is why L&D leaders in every industry are focusing their attention on learning strategies that drive strategic innovation [1]. More specifically, human resources departments are looking for ways they can equip employees with the skills they need to become great innovators, like opting for microlearning strategies.

These skills include abilities such as:

  • Communication
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership
  • Creative problem-solving

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Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners

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Unfortunately, many of these skills are hard to find in the current talent pool. This means L&D teams must develop employee training programs to unlock the innovative potential and qualities in their employees. One of the newest and most popular approaches to employee training…

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