MLB Teams Kneel to Back Black Lives Matter; Fauci’s Toss off

In unconditional support to the ongoing BLM movement, every player, coach, and staff member of the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees knelt before the first match of the 2020 season began. After that, they all stood for the national anthem to kickstart the MLB post-COVID.

Yankees player Aaron Judge spoke after their victory that this was an important thing to do, considering all that was happening around them. “We’ve got a lot of guys in this clubhouse with different beliefs, different feelings, different walks of life, and from different countries.” And they wanted to do something that would incorporate all their beliefs together, instead of distancing anyone.

The opening day of the MLB saw Dr. Anthony Fauci walk up to the plate to deliver the first pitch of the tournament. Unfortunately for him, the pitch went quite wide of the catcher. Regardless, it was a fitting salute to the top infectious disease doctor in the country- one that is reeling from COVID.

Before the game, the Yankees had decided to kneel at least a minute, which they asked the Nationals to add into their pre-game time. Interestingly, the Nationals decided to join them.