Multiple vaccine doses could be necessary to protect from coronavirus, Bill Gates says

Bill Gates stated on Wednesday that multiple doses of a potential vaccine of the coronavirus would be required for immunization. He said: “None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose,” Gates said. “That was the hope at the very beginning.” More than 7 billion vaccines might be required for administering the multiple doses of the vaccines globally. Also deploying the vaccine requires global efforts. 

Gates had been warning about a global pandemic since 2015. He said that there will be a lot of unpredictability regarding the efficacy of the vaccine but it would improve with time. 

“If what you’re trying to do is block all the transmission, then you need to get 70-80% coverage on a global basis. So it’s unbelievably big numbers,” he said.

When asked how safe the vaccine would be, Gates said:

“The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this — if they stick with that — is very very appropriate.”

The newly developed vaccine with two doses per month will start its testing on 30,000 people from 27th July onwards to see how strong the shots are to protect people against the deadly virus.