Must-Have Features Of A Social Learning App

Must-Have Features Of A Social Learning App

We learn socially every day. For some of us, it’s the only way we can. Negative past experience has given us a mental block against formal education. So, unless we’re acquiring that knowledge incidentally and/or subconsciously, we’re not interested. This can be easily transferred to workspaces. Why? Because for many of us, qualifying for a job is high praise and complete validation. Thus, when we’re later told we have to “train” we may feel like we’re being labeled incompetent. This can make us resistant. How can you use a social learning app to overcome these biases?

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1. Ask Employees To Upload Their Own Bite-Sized Content

What’s the real difference between trainer uploads and employee uploads? In ordinary training settings, the trainer obviously has more credibility and theoretical know-how. But social learning is about incidental knowledge disbursement. So, in this context, we’d rather hear from peers than superiors. Also, considering this is a social…

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