Navy Commander Relieved Earlier Than Scheduled Following Previous Year’s SEAL Candidate Death

Navy Commander

A particular Navy Commander, who had received a harsh rebuke in the previous year for the passing of a candidate for SEAL, has received early relief orders with regard to his job. Two officials of the Navy reported this statement. This comes in the preparatory stages of the Navy’s decision to launch a deeper investigation regarding the notorious difficulty of the training course for SEALs.

Navy Commander Believed To Be Partially Accountable For Death

Captain Brian Drechsler served as the Navy commander for the Naval Special Warfare Center and was let go on May 3rd, during the ceremony for command change, according to the Navy. The command change comes two months earlier than scheduled for the Navy commander, according to an official. He was among 3 officers that were on the receiving end of administrative action following the passing of Kyle Mullen, a candidate for Navy SEAL, in February of last year.

In a short statement released on Tuesday, Mullen was not mentioned even once. The report stated that Captain Brian Drechsler was replaced by Captain Mark Burke for the post he held. The report further explained that the mission of the NSWC includes the training, assessment, and selection of SEALs as well as Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen. Another official also clarified that Drechsler should be permanently retiring soon.

24-year-old Mullen’s death was reportedly caused by bacterial pneumonia that he contracted shortly after completing “Hell Week”. It is a notorious torturous span of 7 days in the middle of an already grueling training program for the Special Forces. On the day prior to completing the training, Mullen was suffering from breathing issues and reportedly coughed up fluid. However, no orders were given to halt his training or get him to a hospital when he completed the course.