New AIRROBO AR400 Air Purifier: A Smart Life Can Be The New Normal

AirRobo AR400
Image Credits: AirRobo

AIRROBO is a company that specializes in smart appliances for the home. Their focus is on technology in which AI plays a major role. They have the support of UBTECH Robotics, a leading company when it comes to humanoid robots and AIs. Recently, a new revolutionary product was announced as part of the company’s latest line of products – the AR400 air purifier.

The latest AIRROBO product line has the vision to supply products of superb quality while keeping the prices based on value only. A variety of products are included in this line from humidifiers, air purifiers, and robot vacuums.

The Latest Technology For The AR400

The AR400 includes the latest TresAir™ Filtration technology for air purification from AIRROBO.  It includes 3 layers of defense to give the device a superior performance when it comes to blocking air particles. It is intended for use in large rooms and delivers deep, silent, and practically clean air that people can breathe comfortably and freely.

AirRobo AR400
Image Credits: AirRobo

The immense impact of the Coronavirus since 2019 on general health has forced the WHO to term it a “global health emergency”. As such, the spotlight is on the vital importance of clean air within closed spaces. However, natural disasters, global pollution levels, and allergy seasons are increasing the number of fine particles, irritants, and threatening pollutants in the air. AIRROBO AR400 has been built to protect people from exactly these issues, thus contributing to a healthier global respiratory condition.

The National Interagency Fire Center reports that there have been 58,950 and 58,985 wildfires respectively in 2020 and 2021. The US’ wildfire seasons have been leaving an immense impact on the people and environments in multiple states. These include Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and California, to name a few. The smoke has microscopic particles that can penetrate deep into our lungs and cause burning eyes, lung diseases, and runny noses. The AIRROBO AR400 ensures safety for the seniors and children who are prone to allergies by delivering the most pristine air quality for breathing.

What Makes The AR400 Superior?

The 3 defensive lines of the TresAir™ Filtration technology include a pre-filter, an H13 HEPA filter, and an enhanced activated carbon filter. This defensive line blocks more than 99.7% of all allergens as well as particles that are as small as 0.3 microns, viruses and bacteria, odors and VOCs, and pet dander. Furthermore, it has CDR 300m3/h (188CFM) which helps it provide efficient and strong air purification even for spaces as large as 430 sq. ft. (40 sq. m.) in merely 19 minutes.

Asthma and allergies can make sleep difficult thus impairing your work performance, daytime mood, and general thinking abilities. The AIRROBO AR400 comes with fluid mechanics and an enhanced brushless motor that lets it do its work silently at merely 20.2 dB. Just for comparison, it is as loud as leaves rustling. Thus it works unobtrusively leading to better sleep and a healthier breath.

AIRROBO’s General Manager Tommy Zhang stated that in 2022 the company will continue enriching the product line with an aim to introduce superior products as well as customer service to a larger number of households. He continued that this is an era in which the demands of the customer are more diverse and the audience is younger. However, his company has managed to make multiple breakthroughs when it comes to assimilating product testing and supply chain so that they can deliver the best ratio of cost to performance.