New Leaks Reveal Galaxy Buds Live Name, Noise Cancellation, Battery Life, and $169 Price

Although we have already been seeing several images of the Galaxy Buds by Samsung, and have been quite mesmerized by the Bean sized bud, leaks have validated what we guessed before. The Galaxy Buds are coming with support for noise cancellation, and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Name.

The app is definitely going to show you how to use the buds- and that they are touch-sensitive. So, if you don’t want that, you can toggle them off. The app will also have options for locating your earbuds and setting up the equalizer for you.

Despite several leaks from the marketing department, this is the official reveal of the Galaxy Buds, as it clearly shows the buds being used, along with its port, and docking station. You can also use Samsung’s Android APK to check if you have put in the Buds Live perfectly so that it enhances the experience.

The price is said to be set at $169 in the United States, with WinFuture containing several details of its specs, and configurations. Wait for August 5, when Samsung will announce and launch the Galaxy Buds to the whole world along with packing the S21 series.