New nose will unlock hidden potential in car

The Woking-based outfit, which is currently third in the constructors’ championship, beat Formula 1’s final homologation deadline for major parts changes by racing its Mercedes-style nose at the Russian Grand Prix.

And while the nose itself did not deliver an obvious step forward in pace alone, team principal Andreas Seidl thinks the different aero direction that the new design will allow it to pursue should help unleash more speed from its current car.

“With the mid-season homologation date, we obviously wanted to gain experience with it as quickly as possible,” said Seidl when asked by about the new nose concept.

“That’s why we also decided to actually test it step-by-step as soon as we had certain parts of this package available. So, the target is clear: that’s the development direction we have seen in the windtunnel with this different nosebox concept. It is something that we believe is the right direction to head to for the future.

“It gives us more potential, in terms of unlocking even more potential from the car in terms of performance. And that’s the direction we are heading to.

“So the plan is to gradually now bring step-by-step more parts of this package to the track, with a clear goal to unlock more performance.”

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