NFL Great Shreds ‘Cowards and Marxists’ Who Forced Drew Brees To Apologize For Supporting American Flag

Former NFL gamer and part of the Oakland Raiders 1980 Super Bowl champ group, Burgess Owens, knocked the “cowards and Marxists” who forced quarterback Drew Brees to excuse the criminal activity of appreciating the American flag.

Brees, the long time signal-caller for the New Orleans Saints, has actually been the topic of extreme criticism given that taking a stand versus kneeling demonstrations throughout the National Anthem.

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” he stated.

Brees was forced to apologize due to the fact that patriotism and regard for our military guys and females need to be totally deserted over a handful of rogue law enforcement officer in Minnesota, obviously.

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Owens, in a look with Fox News character Tucker Carlson, knocked those who slammed Brees for his beliefs as “bullies” and recommended this kind of forced considered of the left will cause another 4 years of President Trump.

“What you’re seeing here is exactly why President Trump will be reelected once again,” Owens informedTucker “Americans don’t like bullies. They don’t like people who demand that we disrespect our flag, our country.”

These bullies– particularly the media and the far-left– have actually been rewording history since the awful murder of GeorgeFloyd ‘Colin Kaepernick was right all along to have kneeled during the anthem,’ they desire you to believe.

And if anyone diverges from that line of believed as Brees did, albeit briefly, then they are going to pay a lot.

“Those who comprehend who he [Brees] is, they understand he’s not a not a racist and at the exact same time, individuals like myself, I will call these individuals out for who they are,” Burgess continued.

“They are bullies and cowards and Marxists. Period. And I’m one of those guys that will never, ever apologize for pride in my country,” he included.

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Brees Targeted

Brees has actually been a target of the extreme left idea authorities in the past, drawing fire in 2015 after he participated in a video motivating Christian trainees to take part in Bring Your Bible to School Day.

He was forced to release an information on his dedication to equality at that time also after a mob of leftists online identified him ‘anti-gay.’

That makes Brees 2-for-2 in pulling back on his individual beliefs.

This is the exact same guy who was called Sportsmen of the Year in 2010 for assisting to restore the city of New Orleans and the black neighborhood following Hurricane Katrina.

Troy Henry, a previous New Orleans mayoral prospect, called Brees “an honorary brother” at the time, stating “he transcends race, and he does it with class and dignity.”

Now he’s being branded a racist for defending the American flag. A flag which, mind you, has absolutely nothing to do with what occurred to George Floyd.

Editor’s Note: The initial variation of this post associated a quote from Troy Henry to Ronald Markham, CEO of the New Orleans JazzOrchestra We excuse the mistake.

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