Nick Cannon Sorry For His Excited Words

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has faced a lot of heat recently. The renowned comedian has been largely criticized for the words that he said a few days ago. Cannon showed a great deal of excitement when he announced that he was expecting a baby with Bre Tiesi.

This would be the eighth child of Nick. Cannon expressed his overwhelming happiness while disclosing the news. He stated that he was very much happy about becoming a father once again.

Cannon elaborated by saying that the moment was very much sacred for the actor. Soon after the revelation, critics took to social media. Cannon was called out for being insensitive. Some of the fans sarcastically stated that Cannon only cared for sex with white women.

He was also accused of not giving time to all his children. Audiences said that Cannon couldn’t devote time to all his children equally. All these criticisms seem to have made Cannon feel guilty.

Nick Cannon addressed the public recently and apologized for his words earlier. Cannon stated that he should have been more reserved while disclosing the good news. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Nick Cannon Apologetic After Revealing Good News 

Nick Cannon publicly apologized to all the mothers of his children recently. He stated that his recent comments on welcoming a baby were indecent.

Cannon admitted to realizing his mistake and stated that his words might have hurt people. The comedian stated that he should have kept things private. He understood that his announcement hurt the sentiments of several of his children’s mothers. 

Nick Cannon spoke particularly about Alyssa Scott. She was devastated when her son was diagnosed with cancer. Zen was just a baby when he died.

This incident left a huge impact on Scott. Cannon’s announcement hurt her emotions to a great extent. Nick quickly realized his mistake and apologized.