Nicole Malliotakis Blames President Biden For The Border Chaos

Nicole Malliotakis
Nicole Malliotakis

The Republican representative, Nicole Malliotakis, accused Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, of the ongoing border crisis. He accused the president of creating a “horrible” situation at the border. The accusation came after she paid her visit to the region.

New York-based Nicole Malliotakis, stated that the president is the one who is responsible for turning the US-Mexico border into “cartels.”. She visited Rio Grande Valley this Friday. The Representative was accompanied by a number of GOP colleagues from the House.

Nicole Malliotakis On Cartels

The 40-year-old stated that she was extremely angry to witness the condition that was caused by the “smugglers”, referring to the Democrats. She went on to question the humanity of them stating that no person with a heart can witness and bear the kind of inhuman treatment that was going on in the border. Nicole Malliotakis pointed out the fact that the people were getting exploited there. The Representative called the situation a “completely chaotic” one.

The agents of the Customs and Border Patrol gave some explanation to the legislators with regard to the situation. They stated that the cartels of Mexico are taking full advantage of the border misfortune. It was told that the policy of Joe Biden is getting used by them in order to earn billions.

Nicole Malliotakis stated that everything was a business for the cartels. She disclosed detailed information concerning the cartels with the border issue. She also gave a rough estimation of the figure that was being earned by them within a month which was half-billion dollars. The Representative pointed out the fact that the children were being used by the cartels as scouts. She also said that the criminals were coming in on small boats and rafts.