“Not getting it done” | Graham’s Debut | “It’s disappointing”

"Not getting it done" | Graham's Debut | "It's disappointing"

Maryland hockey led by half a dozen tips at halftime Mon night time at Indiana, a lead that grew to 10 details nearly five minutes into the second fifty percent. But a few minutes later, everything dropped aside for the Terps, who were doubled up from that point, 36 details to 18, on the path to a discouraging 63-55 damage.

“We were really good in the first 50 percent. We really played effectively for the first four minutes, especially defensively. It was our best. I thought we were marvelous on protection, we were traveling around, we were changing our defenses. We performed a whole lot of excellent things defensively. Second half, we weren’t quite as quick inside our movement. Their ball activity was better and it certainly just came right down to rebounding,” Maryland mentor Mark Turgeon.

The Hoosiers, specifically 6-10 star Trayce Jackson-Davis, pounded Maryland in the paint for the ultimate ten minutes of the game. During that period, the sophomore all-conference centre scored the same number of factors as Maryland’s complete team: 12.

“We just got our tails kicked on the boards and I believe 14 second-chance factors, which was a notable difference. That and, you understand, us not having the ability to make an open shot tonight. So provide them with credit. Trayce Jackson-Davis overran the game on the offensive end,” Turgeon said. “It’s disappointing. We surely got to compete a bit more on the boards. I thought the people really attempted, we just surely got to play a bit better.

“But folks competed, they really, really competed defensively, and simply couldn’t get the rebounds in the second half. Didn’t officer the ball as well in the second 1 / 2, didn’t rotate as well in the next half once we do in the first one half. So you know, we tried a great deal defensively. We must [turn defenses], particularly when we’re this small.”

It wasn’t just on the defensive end. Maryland shot 38.5 percent from the ground, went 7 for 25 from 3-point range and was 8 for 15 from the free-throw line. The Terps’ 55 details were their second-lowest output of the growing season, after their 51-point performance in a damage to Clemson.

“Our offense let us down tonight. We didn’t move the ball as quickly as we need to, we skipped a lot of open injections on the inside out and then, we just, we’re not passing the ball quick enough. We’re retaining it one second too much time, we’re absent some opportunities that we just, it’s a day to day battle with me with this team,” he said, alluding to his efforts to convince his team to go the ball more freely.

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Junior Aaron Wiggins (22 points, 10 rebounds), who was possibly the lone dazzling spot in losing, wasn’t celebrating his specific performance.

“We surely got to be better, because, you understand, the way we’re playing right now isn’t setting it up done,” he said.

Maryland, off to a 1-4 begin in Big Five play, now enters a brutal two-game extend against Big 12 contenders Iowa and Illinois.

“Just surely got to continue to combat,” Turgeon said. “You understand, a whole lot of basketball kept.”

More from Turgeon, Wiggins and Reese Mona below …
“Donta’s performing three positions right now. We’re just, there’s a lot continues on that boundaries us offensively, so we try to provide them with a small amount of freedom because we can not have 55 takes on in for one person to learn three different areas. Which means you know, we’re gonna keep plugging men, gotta move the ball better, they just gotta move about securing to it such as a second too much time, and kind of move their physiques and move the ball a little bit quicker. From the fight, you folks, it will likely be February, we’re going to be saying a similar thing. You’ll hear mentors from coast to coast saying a similar thing, you understand, something about their team they just surely got to keep focusing on. And you understand, preferably we’ll just keep improving, but we have been good up, we’ve been sufficient offensively. We haven’t been sufficient defensively. Tonight if we just could have rebounded. I believe we were sufficient defensively. We just clearly tonight weren’t good enough offensively.”

“Our fellas were locked in physically in the first half, we emphasized guarding ball monitors, keeping the bigs off the boards. Our post security was working for us. We covered their four and their five in the first half. Nevertheless, you know, it was something that we kind of let through to within the last eight minutes maybe the next half. As soon as those guys started out getting rebounds plus they began getting boards, they got going and they fed off their bigs’ energy. Their guards started to struck jump injections and everything just began going for him in the next one half, and we just weren’t challenging enough to fight.”


“He’s a willing learner, they can make a go and he’s worked very difficult since he’s been here. He’s acquired good size, so, you understand, he was stressed probably and possessed a major turnover in the next half. Nevertheless, you know, he’ll be good for us. He’s 17 years old guys, and simply where our team is right now, but I believe if Darryl was here tonight he probably wouldn’t have played. But Darryl wasn’t here and we’re just aiming to play systems and complete the game and you understand, he’s striving, he’s learning, he’s doing extra film periods, extra stage. He previously a 30-minute time today with the mentors after all of the film we observed, so he’s hoping to figure everything out, but there’s a lot, you understand, he’s up to now behind terminology and everything that products. It’s gonna have a while.”

“I don’t believe it’s really persistent. I believe it’s part than it is who were. I believe the Clemson game we enjoyed doing this, but we’ve changed a lot. I mean, we have scored a lot at, you understand, 70 at Wisconsin and you understand, we’re excellent, we have scored 74 the other evening [against Michigan]. So provide them with some credit. They’re an extremely good protective team. They were dialed in. We’re really limited, fellas.”

“Offensively, I believe we had a need to chop harder, move our anatomies more, just golf swing it more, because after we golf swing the ball several times I don’t believe many clubs [can shield it]. It’s just much harder to guard our offense. And defensively, like we were talking about prior with the rebound fight, I just feel that extend where they ended up stretching their lead was just credited to offensive rebounds. And them dominating inside, but I believe we’ll learn from that and continue we’ll eliminate, like you said, permitting games escape hand. Just learn from that and move forward.”

“We’ll never know, but we’d enough players. And I love Darryl. Darryl’s our best protective player and I really like Darryl and his management and all that, but we’d enough players. We just surely got to remain competitive a little bit more and that is who we were. That was our team .”

“We’re in their building, so when one team gets that energy, gets that burst of energy and momentum in their own building, it might always change lives. Their bench possessed a lot of energy from that the dunk that Trayce Jackson got and I think that really acquired them heading. That burst of energy just made a small amount of a difference in the game and we just didn’t, we didn’t answer their little run.”

“My elbow’s sense fine. I’m still gonna continue steadily to wear the pad just for safeness and products but After all, you know, it was a good performance tonight. But as a team, I’m not concerned about just how I play. I wish to gain and we arrived up short. We didn’t get the results that we wished and we surely got to be better.”

“We didn’t have Darryl, our mature leader, for the reason that second fifty percent, so if we don’t possess Darryl we must find another person [to] step up. And in those times, bring us alongside one another and just reveal, ‘Relax.’ Like Darryl, he’s a mature, he’s experienced every situation, so when game titles start turning the other way, just stop gather ourselves and flip it and get our momentum heading.”

“Well, a whole lot than it was offensive rebounds. That really got them heading, acquired their team heading and we just weren’t physical enough on our box-outs for the reason that game. And he just required over because of this. And very poor on some rotations and guys just surely got to contend a little bit more on rotations. And we achieved it in the first half, we actually achieved it for the first five or six minutes second half [but] we just we ceased carrying it out and our rotations just weren’t quick enough. And that is the only real chance we’d. We had to do various things defensively merely to give ourselves a chance to officer them.”

“These were hitting photographs at that one extend and then I think we really received master on the boards. I believe they were getting some offensive rebounds and I believe we just surely got to do better boxing out and simply really compete on the boards. THEREFORE I think that’s where they won and Trayce is a superb player an extremely good athlete and he just started taking over surrounding the rim and around the container.”

“I think we just got to fight more, no matter what lineup, be it small lineup, bigger lineup, I simply think we’ve got to deal with more boxing the boards. But we’ll learn from that and we’ll definitely learn from that and just be more physical on the boards, and container out and when aiming to earn those battles in the foreseeable future.”

“Any dude can set off any nighttime. I think we’re an unselfish group and we don’t health care who provides the credit, therefore i think any night one individual or a few men can set off and get double-digit details. So I think that’s what makes us tough to protect. I think especially when we move the ball and trim hard and move our anatomies, that when folks get matchups we want, it’s hard to guard all five of our players. So we swing it and we can usually get what we wish. And defensively I believe we have the power to go a big lineup and small lineup and I think we’ve — that always helps us guard, whether groups go small or big. And we can combine it up when guarding them.”

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