Online Tutoring For Language Lessons

How To Make Online Tutoring Work For Language Lessons

In this article, I’ll share with you a few tips that make an online language lesson productive and enjoyable.

8 Tips For Giving Online Language Lessons

1. Teach 1-To-1, Don’t Give Group Classes

Most of the lesson time should be available for the student to speak, not for listening to the teacher or for waiting until other students are done. That’s why I always turn down requests from casual learners who ask me to teach two or more people at once.

2. Find The Right Timing To Correct Students

It takes a lot to master the art of correcting language learners. Don’t just interrupt them at each and every mistake or they’ll go blank and lose confidence. However, if you let too many mistakes go unnoticed, they’ll never know how to improve. Actually, in some cases, they don’t even notice that they made a mistake until you tell them. The ideal timing for giving feedback depends on the student’s personality and speech rate, as well as the speed of the internet connection between the two of you.

3. Ask For Full Sentences

There are many ways to express a concept. Some are easier and more convenient. Others are more elaborate and advanced. On the one hand, students shouldn’t hesitate too much…

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