Pete Davidson Officially Refers Kim Kardashian As His Girlfriend

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is currently having the time of his life. The actor has been dating Kim Kardashian for a long time now. The rumors surfaced when the duo kissed each other at a show.

The stars initially did not comment on the rumors but soon they were spotted together. Both Pete and Kim were spotted on a number of occasions having fun. Their chemistry looked adorable.

Kim Kardashian was spotted coming outside of Pete’s condo on several occasions. However, the duo never really disclosed their bonding officially. Interestingly, Pete has pulled the curtains over this mystery.

Davidson appeared at a show recently where he was asked about his social life. The actor stated that he led a very simple life. Pete told the media that he is not available on social media.

Pete admitted that he was not very comfortable using platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Pete stated that his leisure time included spending time with his loved ones. The star loved to hang out with his relatives, friends, and girlfriend.

This was the very first instance that Pete Davidson mentioned about his girlfriend officially. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Pete Davidson Confirms His Relationship With Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson has finally confirmed his relationship with Kim Kardashian. While appearing for an interview, the star referred to Kim as his girlfriend.

A candle with the picture of Kim was also spotted inside Pete’s house. The actor said that he liked to keep the candle in front of him. 

Pete Davidson also stated that he is very much excited about Valentine’s Day. The star said that this was the first instance that he felt so much excitement about Valentine’s Day.

Kim Kardashian is currently going through the divorce formalities with ex-husband Kanye West.