“Pretty dismal day” leaves Kyle Busch in precarious playoff spot

Following an up-and-down night at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday, Busch managed to salvage a pretty good finish – sixth.

However, with his older brother, Kurt – who entered the race last in points among the 12 playoff drivers – winning the race – even a sixth leaves Kyle Busch as one of the four drivers below the cutoff line to advance to the semifinal round.

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Nine points out

Busch is nine points below the cutoff heading into next weekend’s race at Talladega, Ala. The final race of the round is the following week at the Charlotte Roval.

“Started a little up, went a little down and finished just kind of mediocre there. We brought an okay (car). Just didn’t seem to have the overall speed that it needed, especially on the long runs early in the race,” Busch said.

“Then there late, just no overall speed. Nothing to go blitz anybody and try to make moves and get to the front. We just salvaged along and got what we got. We got lucky to get what we got for sure.

“It was looking like it was going to be a 12th or 14th place day but came home sixth.”

Busch’s race was hampered early when he made contact with Joey Logano on Lap 88 of 268 as Denny Hamlin took them both three-wide while making a pass.

Logano suffered a tire rub and was forced to pit under green while Busch…

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