Prison officer jailed for Curtis Warren affair

Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren

An officer at a top security prison who had an affair with an inmate has been jailed for two years.

Stephanie Smithwhite had a relationship with street pharmacist Curtis Warren while at HMP Frankland, close to Durham.

The 40-year-old Smithwhite, from Boldon Colliery, had recently conceded two includes of unfortunate behavior in open office.

Durham Crown Court was informed that she got captivated by the “significant class guilty party” and had a tattoo done of his name.

Liverpool-conceived Warren was serving 13 years for the scheme to import medications and afterward gave 10 progressively in the wake of neglecting to comply with a £198m seizure request.

Staff had gotten suspicious of her relationship with him, and a reconnaissance activity got going, the court heard.

They were seen passing notes, which were profoundly sexualised, the court heard, and Warren attempted to eat one from her when officials went to recover it.

It was likewise discovered they had called each other multiple times in a quarter of a year.

When met by analysts Smithwhite was said to be “crushed” however trusted there was an outside possibility the relationship could proceed.

Guarding Smithwhite, Andrew Nixon said she made a “calamitous mistake of judgment” and “gone gaga for an inappropriate individual”.

Smithwhite had denied cutting an opening in her uniform pants for sexual purposes, However, the condemning appointed authority said it was difficult to envision why else it was there.

The main offense allegation identified with the sexual relationship, said to have kept going among June and December 2018, and the second to her not detailing Warren approached a carried telephone.

Judge Jonathan Carroll said: “Your conduct represents the very most grave breach of trust placed in you.”