Rachel Levine, The Health Assistant Secretary Nominee, Questioned by Senators

Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine, the nominee for assistant secretary of the health department laid out her plans this Thursday. She is nominated by the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden. The department she is associated with is the “Department of Health and Human Services.”

She is the first person from the community of transgenders to get nominated for the federal post. Rachel Levine made a few promises with regard to her responsibilities in case she gets finalized. She stated that she would make every effort to bring about an improvement in the healthcare system of the country. As an assistant secretary, she would increase the accessibility of healthcare for all.

Rachel Levine Is Not A Newbie

The assistant secretary of Health and Human Services is provided with a lot of responsibilities. The workload is double-fold especially during these days of the coronavirus pandemic. Rachel Levine will have to guide the country in fighting the virus. She had some experiences in this field.

When It comes to her experience, Rachel Levine does not lack behind. She has worked as the leader of the pandemic response body of Pennsylvania. She had been the health secretary of the state. The 63-year-old Levine is a paediatrician by profession. She also has worked as a Physician General of Pennsylvania.

Rachel Levine was asked a few questions by the Health Committee of the US Senate. The interview went on for a stretch of more than two hours. She was not alone on the answering side. The paediatrician was accompanied by Vivek Murthy. He is the nominee for Surgeon General.

Levine was also asked about the status of genital mutilation in the country. And also, about her personal thoughts concerning the matter. The question was raised by Rand Paul, the Senator from the Republican party. Rachel Levine answered all of his questions with a sense of ease.