Racing Point “not surprised” by strong Perez F1 return

Szafnauer is also confident that the Silverstone team can show a much stronger race performance in the Spanish GP than it has of late, having often struggled to back up its qualifying pace on Sundays.

After being absent from both Silverstone events Perez was passed fit to race in Barcelona, where he qualified fourth, a place ahead of teammate Lance Stroll.

“No, I’m not really surprised,” said Szafnauer when asked about the Mexican’s form. “He felt well in himself for almost the entire time.

“I think he had a headache one day. And he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t in the race car last race for example, because he was even exercising in his apartment while he was quarantining. So he was keeping fit, and felt great.

“I don’t want to call him asymptomatic, but it was pretty close, because he only had the headache symptoms for one day. And I don’t know, if he didn’t have the virus, would he have had the headache that day anyway?

“But I’m not surprised. He was feeling well himself, and you got to remember too that the drivers drive this track so often. They know it like the back of their hand.”

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