Red Alerts Everywhere : Storm Hilary Is Taking Southern California By Storm 

Storm Hilary

Southern California experienced heavy rains recently which was called Storm Hilary. It encountered wild winds and horrific rainfalls and more so because this potential place had not experienced tropical rainfalls for a very long time. Floods have occurred on the streets of Southern California and it has caused great trouble to the commuting people on those streets. Some were also rescued when found in distress because of these floods. The rainfalls have been scaled to be more than 4 inches over the last two days in Southern California. Storm Hilary seems to have certainly taken everyone through a sweep. 

Declared Emergencies And Rescue Forces Armed: Preparations For Storm Hilary Throughout The Country 

Storm Hilary is seen moving toward Nevada. It has already declared an emergency because of the upcoming thunderstorm that is expected to befall them in a few days. Both Southern California and Southern Nevada are expected to receive at least 3-6 inches while Storm Hilary might scale up for these places to receive nearly 10 inches. Many of the low-lying plains are supposed to get flooded in merely some hours with some even receiving blustery.

The heavy rainfalls resulted in a horrific landslide in Baja California Peninsula. Storm Hilary witnessed the death of one human being from drowning. It gets the most dangerous at night and therefore, all citizens are advised to reach their safe places by the afternoon. Highways would be severely affected leading to difficult transportation. Some areas are expected to have even tornadoes.

Southern California is witnessing its first tropical storm and it is one of its first kind as this place is frequented by calamities like wildfires and earthquakes. All the Rescue Forces are on standby and they would be prepared to convey their services to the masses as and when required by them. People have also been alerted to prepare themselves for the worst situations and take care of their families and pets.