Jason Cabal Roe’s Reason For Resigning From The Republican Party

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Jason Cabal Roe, the top executive director of the Republican party, is said to have resigned from the party. The reason for the resignation originates from the 2020 presidential election theory of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. The GOP leader from the state of Michigan is said to have claimed that the election was not stolen from Trump. Following this statement, the other members of the Republican party got triggered which led to the decision.

Jason Cabal Roe On Trump

Jason Cabal Roe got hold of the executive director’s position in the month of February. He gave the confirmation on his resignation on the 14th of July that fell on a Wednesday. The Michigan-based politician was made to face a lot of criticisms from Donald Trump, the former president of the country. It is to be noted that former President Trump still has a complete hold within the Republican party. Jason Cabal Roe released a statement following his decision.

It was stated that the precise reasons for his leaving were only known to him and Weiser, the chairman. Showing optimism, he further claimed that the “amazing team” that they built together would bring great results in the year 2022. He also stated that irrespective of his membership, he would always be there to provide his service to the party. The statement was released in the form of an email.

Jason Cabal Roe was hired by Ron Weiser who was the chairman as well as his predecessor. It was the chairman who put him in the position to look after the Republican party of Michigan. He has never stayed away from criticizing former President Trump. Earlier he had published a statement where he clearly stated that Trump has a very strong hold within the party and that most of the politicians are under his direct control.