Sales Enablement Training Mistakes To Avoid

Common Sales Enablement Training Pitfalls To Avoid

Some organizations assume that some training is better than none at all. Even if it lacks relevancy or takes a general approach, rather than personalizing the process. However, there are some sales enablement training mistakes that directly impact your bottom line. The repercussions range from loss of top talent to poor customer service. All of these take a bite out of your profit margins and diminish your brand reputation. Fortunately, most of these errors are easy to correct with careful planning, needs analysis, and employee participation. Here are the 7 top sales enablement training blunders and tips to avoid them altogether.

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1. Assuming Everyone Has The Same Gaps

Everyone who works at the front counter, fields phone calls, and pitches products has their own strengths. But the same holds true for personal pain points. Skill, performance, and knowledge gaps are not the same across the board. Thus, your sales…

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