Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 will let you answer calls by clenching your fist

It can be a difficult task to answer your call when you’re stuck amidst work or when your hands are busy. Post the evolution of smartphones, receiving calls became relatively easier with the Bluetooth feature and later with the evolution of smartwatches.

But even a smartwatch would need your touch to receive the call or to communicate, which practically becomes impossible in a case where you’re unable to use your hands. The calls won’t stop, and therefore Samsung has now come up with a solution.

XDA reports, “ Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app references support for hand gestures. If your watch starts ringing, you just have to clench and unclench your fist to pick up.”

Due to the raging COVID 19 pandemic, the watch would not be launched offline but is rather expected to be launched online on the fifth of August 2020. Along with features such as blood pressure monitoring, another feature similar to an Apple Watch has been added.  If it detects a tumble, it would ring for a whole minute to get a response.

It is being considered as a modification of the previous model in the existing Galaxy Watch series and customers, even though much excited, might have to wait for a few more weeks after its launch to avail it or even to get it shipped.

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