Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputies Deliver ‘Meals on Wheels’

Santa Clara Region Sheriff’s deputies stepped up to help the Meals on Wheels food delivery program Friday after coronavirus safeguards depleted volunteers.

The 10 deputies were handed packages by the non-profit Health Trust whose lost lots of volunteers.

“In this pandemic, we live considerably ramping up Meals on Wheels,” said Michele Lew. “We need volunteers to help us form food, we are in need of volunteer drivers, and we need cash donations.”

In every, deputies delivered meals to about 40 homebound people.

“I think it’s brilliant the sheriff’s team is stepping in for me personally to understand this,” said San Jose resident Russell Roath. “I can’t survive without my Dishes on Wheels.”

Deputies said volunteering helped lift their own spirits.

“It’s definitely an eye opener for me personally, I didn’t realize how much service they offer for the community Dishes on Wheels,” said volunteer deputy Raul Marta. “And it’s an important and essential part of our community that people need to continue.”

Recipients afree, especially amid coronavirus fears.

“I’m so happy that they’re still approaching through for me personally, it’s awesome, I’m blessed,” said Roath. “I’m too blessed to be stressed.”

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