Sarraj announces launch of Operation Peace Storm in response to Haftar attacks

Best minister of the Libyan Federal of Country wide Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, publicised on Thursday the introduction of Operation Peace Storm, in response to the continued disorders completed by Haftar’s forces.

This is announced in a statement posted on Facebook by the Libyan prime minister’s media office.

On Wednesday, the GNA forces took control of proper locations southern and western of Tripoli, most notably Al-Watiyah Air Force Base, within a wide operation launched to beat Haftar’s forces, with regards to the continuous shelling of the capital’s neighbourhoods, and repeated violations of the ceasefire.

“We are the best, civilian federal that respects its obligations to the international community, but is devoted generally to its people and comes with an obligation to safeguard its individuals, within the framework of the right to legitimate self-defence and within the limits of international rules,” Al-Sarraj avowed.

He added: “We reiterated that people will react to the continuous violations of the armistice, and we’ve already said, and remain saying, that we will not the stand by position idly. So, this is precisely what happened as orders were released to act in response forcefully to the repeated terrorist episodes on civilians.”

Despite announcing on Saturday its adherence to a humanitarian truce to focus on initiatives to combat the get spread around of the coronavirus, Haftar’s forces continue to violate the ceasefire by bombing various locations in the capital.

Al-Sarraj explained that: “The planned bombing of residential neighbourhoods in Tripoli did not stop through the armistice and caused civilian casualties, including children and women, as proof taking the UN Security Council quality lightly and underestimating the decisions of the Berlin Conference, in addition to disregarding the lives and security of Libyans.”

The Al-Watiyah Air Drive Base (140 kilometres southwest of Tripoli), which the GNA forces have earlier seized, is the major military base in your community stretching from western Tripoli to the Tunisian border. Air base, formerly manipulated by forces devoted to Haftar since 2014, was transformed at the time to a centre for the authority of Western military operations, and found in the bombing of Tripoli and different fronts in the traditional western region.

Haftar’s pushes are violating the ceasefire on a daily basis by launching problems on Tripoli, within a military operation that has been ongoing since 4 April, 2019.