Schmigadoon Is Sure To Get You On Your Feet


Caring too much about things that are quite esoteric- if that doesn’t make you a fan of Schmigadoon!, then nothing will. As it stands, it can be compared to knowing show tunes, or even realizing the lyrics of a song by Stephen Sondheim. It will simply be a signal to everyone else that one simply cares about things that aren’t important. After all, it is simply for people that the new comedy on Apple TV+ is made for. 

Schmigadoon!, captures those premises which make no sense until they do- at which point they turn out to be the most obvious things ever. The show stars Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong who play the roles of Josh and Melissa- two doctors who have been dating for quite some time but have now fallen in a relationship rut. The basic premise then shifts to them going to a couples’ retreat when they end up getting lost in the woods and then finding themselves in a town that reads ‘Schmigadoon’.

A Town Called … Schmigadoon

One could almost think back to the 1947 Broadway musical Brigadoon, which does rhyme with Schmigadoon. The musical is all about a couple of hunters from Scotland who stumble into a quaint little town called Brigadoon that only comes up for a single day in a period of 100 years. Now, one can almost make the connections between the musical and the new TV series– even though the surrounding premise might not be the same. 

In Schmigadoon!, both Melissa and Josh realize that something seems to be going very wrong as they are welcomed by the people of the town in a song that is quite similar to ‘Oklahoma’. While Melissa ends up finding the town as well as the song pretty thrilling, Josh simply thinks of it as corny. And, if you haven’t understood it yet, this is what sets the stage for the entire series- which is the basic dynamic of the relationship.