SEO Services For Startups: The Ideal SEO Strategy

SEO Services For Startups: What Is The Ideal SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization for startups is definitely tricky when it comes to establishing its presence and meeting business goals. It’s a real challenge to make a fast impact with SEO before your limited funds run out. is rocking eCommerce SEO in almost all aspects by applying User-Generated Content in the form of ratings and reviews, thus helping its customers to make better shopping decisions.

These user comments are of utmost importance for an eCommerce site like Amazon on the SEO level, it provides more fresh content to describe their products to their users. On the other hand, Woot, a deal site, also scaled up its business by creating great site architecture that significantly impacted its rankings and site usability. Woot smartly kept all their products just 2-3 clicks away from their homepage, presenting their content in the most friendly manner to both the users and search engines.

According to an overall opinion of founders and marketers, startups seem to not solely rely on SEO. But startups should definitely start working on SEO from day one in order to grow and compete with the biggest names in their industry. Google won’t care whether you’re a…

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