Seth Rogen Decides To Discontinue Working With Franco, Following The Accusations

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, the Hollywood actor, gave a statement with regard to his relationship with actor James Franco. Franco was recently under the accusation of sexual misconduct by a number of women. In the statement, the “Interview” actor stated that he had no such plans of working with the accused actor as of now. The two had been frequent collaborators.

Seth Rogen’s Point Of View

The comments were made on one of the platforms of a popular news channel. The actor attended the interview for the promotion of his work, Yearbook, which is a memoir this Sunday. Seth Rogen revealed in the interview that the accusations against James Franco had affected the friendship between the two. The two have entertained the audience with their chemistry in a number of projects for so many years. They include movies like The Disaster Artist, Pineapple Express and This Is The End. Franco and Seth Rogen also did a show together in the year 1999 called Freaks and Geeks. 

What led to the deterioration of the relationship between the two actors is the fact that Franco was accused by a total of five women in the year 2018. They accused him of sexually exploitative or inappropriate behavior. It came out after the actor won the Golden Globes award for the movie, The Disaster Artist. It was under the category of the “best actor.” One of the students from the film school of Franco talked about a scene she was made to carry out where she was to reveal everything. It was for the movie, The Long Home, in the year 2015.

She further added that several other classmates including her were told to get topless with animal skulls covering their heads and to dance around the accused actor. All these accusations led Seth Rogen to take the decision to cut off from Franco.     

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