Shared F1 windtunnel the “elephant in the room”

As part of the fallout from the controversy over Racing Point copying last year’s Mercedes, the FIA is set to change F1’s rule to prevent teams create clone cars in the future.

There were fears from several teams that allowing others to repeat what Racing Point had done would open the door for a two-tier F1 where teams would be forced to forge alliances.

The FIA has responded to the situation by making it clear it wants to see F1 teams continue to build their own designs, as it thinks that makes a much healthier sport.

While Renault has backed the FIA stance, Abiteboul still thinks that teams will always end up working together if they share wind tunnels – and such partnerships will only ever be broken when F1 shifts fully to computerised designs.

“I think there are elements [of sharing] where we are not going to go back, like the engine, gearbox and other very expensive mechanical elements,”said Abiteboul in an exclusive interview with

“But there is one expensive elephant in the room, which is a wind tunnel, and that will stay as long as we keep doing aerodynamic development in wind tunnels.

“But maybe a vision for the future is that we can have ten teams that are fully independent, and those ten teams will only use CFD because there is enough for anyone…

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