Shark Tank Stars Accused Of Fraud

Shark Tank
Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a very popular business reality show. It acts as a platform for aspiring business entrepreneurs to present their ideas. They need to be very much crisp with their presentation. Each of the ideas is evaluated and analyzed by investors. A business deal is agreed upon if the investors get pleased with the demonstration. Kevin Harrington & Kevin O’ Leary are two popular star investors of Shark Tank. However, they have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Both the stars are being sued for fraudulent activities. Several entrepreneurs have filed a complaint against both of them. Let us investigate the credibility of the allegations. 

Shark Tank Stars Denies Fraud Claims

In a bizarre turn of events, complaints have been lodged against Harrington & O’Leary. As many as twenty entrepreneurs have filed a suit against the duo for fraud. Both have allegedly tried to influence the entrepreneurs to invest in Ideazon or Inventure X. These were said to aid them with the funding of crowds. 

Radar Online further investigated the matter and came up with shocking revelations. The companies did not have any proof of existence. These are suspected to be online eyewash to get money from the businessmen and then disappear. Both Ideazon & InventureX are suspected to be controlled by one organization. Both companies share identical information. 

The businessmen also accused the stars of promising them an on-air appearance. They were asked to invest in return. However, both the Shark Tank star investors denied the allegations. The attorney of Kevin O’Leary stated that some conman has been using Kevin’s identity. Kevin had denied having any connections whatsoever with the mentioned companies. He stated that he did not even hear the names of the two companies. Kevin promised to find out the miscreant and put him behind the bars soon.