Snoop Dogg Decries Black Conservatives As ‘The Coon Bunch’ In Instagram Post

Rapper Snoop Dogg has attacked a number of prominent black conservatives in a post on Instagram, labelling them “the coon bunch.”

Snoop Dogg Posts Racist Image On Instagram

The post on Instagram by Snoop Dogg, included the photos of prominent black conservatives such as for instance Candace Owens and Herman Cain, arranged in the style of 70s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” but with the 11 conservatives alternatively called “The Coon Bunch.”

The other black conservatives included in the post were: Angela Stanton, Darrell C Scott, Diamond & Silk, The Hodge Twins, Paris Dennard, David Harris Jr, and Terrence K Williams. A photograph of a racoon labelled “massa” also featured in the “satirical” collage.

This isn’t the first time that Snoop Dogg has attacked black individuals who support our President or are critical of Black Lives Matter. In May 2018, Snoop Dogg posted a picture of Kanye West, edited to possess white skin, arguing he may aswell be “all white” now, given his public backing of President Donald Trump.

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The Left Only Care About Black People If They Agree With Their Communist Agenda!

This once again shows just how much racism is accepted by the left, provided that it’s done by their compatriots against minority conservatives. The “coon” slur employed by Snoop Dogg is often a favorite of black leftists against black conservatives, as it can be used very liberally for any black person who is regarded as to have “sold out” to white people.

The same can be seen with slurs like “coconut,” and “Uncle Tom.” Where is the left critiquing these clearly racially targeted slurs? Nowhere, because any minority who dares back our President or criticize communism or any such thing of the type, can’t be properly used for easy votes any longer!

The left panders to anybody who isn’t white, up to they can get a handle on them for easy backing in elections. If they realize you won’t support their awful, leftist agenda, racism is not any longer a useful topic to speak about!