Social Learning Activities To Include In Your App

Social Learning Activities To Include In Your App

When we build apps, we don’t always look into the whys and whethers. Instead, we build apps because we can. For example, there are apps that help you walk your dog when you could really just…walk your dog. Some people think a social learning app falls into the same category. Why have one when you already have social media? Well, native apps offer tighter security measures, so they’re good for corporate confidentiality. Also, they might work better because their exclusive function is workplace learning. No distractions from last-minute grocery lists and memes. What employee-driven social learning activities can you load into the app?

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1. Podcasts

This medium has been around for decades, as far back as the eighties. They were called audio blogs. Online journals were called weblogs, later shortened to blogs. Video logs, now known as vlogs, weren’t a thing yet. In 2004, audio blogs were rebranded as podcasts and popularized by Apple. Today, a podcast can be…

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