Stacey Abrams Is Against Brian Kemp, After Four Years

stacey abrams
stacey abrams

Stacey Abrams is trying to look out for Georgia women. She Is consistently trying to look after the abortion bill, whereas Kemp has always been against it. Kemp has banned abortions after six weeks in Georgia. Stacey Abrams ran for the governor post in 2018 against Brian kemp and lost by 2 points. Stacey perceived the injustice to women and was ready to fight for it.

Stacey Abrams Shared Her Views On Abortion

Stacey Abrams was also against Abortion back in the day, and she shared that she once misled one of her friends at the university. Later realized why is it wrong and how she had wronged her friend. Since then, she has been trying to make it suitable for women in her state and later country. Studies show that nearly 50% of people have voted for Kemp and 48% for Abrams on abortion bills. Few feel that Georgia has more grave issues to be solved than just abortions.

Inflation is a more severe issue than Abortion. 41% of voters have sensed that inflation is more important than any other. Some shared their views and in this election, inflation has weighed more than abortions.

Dr. Barry Zisholtz attacked Abrams’s views and supported Kemp, saying Kemp, in his position, is aware of everything and Georgia has more vital issues than Abortion; people should be genuinely worried about paying for their gas and groceries.

A restaurant owner shared her view supporting Abram’s view,  saying women should look out for other women. Abrams pointed out that Kemp’s opposition to Abortion with “extreme and dangerous”. It is excellent to start At Georgia to make a difference; after all, our future generation depends on it.

Kemp has taken a soft tone with campaigns and mentioned how much he had reformed adoption and foster care. Kemp administration respects the sanctity of life. In Kemp’s list, Abortion stands way down in the list. However, Abrams has gained a lot of supporters through her campaign, and restrictions on Abortion might have caused Kemp to lose supporters.