Stimulus Check For Tax Rebates Offered by US States Throughout This Summer

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic ensured the federal government of the US to provide financial relief to the citizens. Since then, the US government offered tax refunds, rebates, stimulus checks, and loans till 2021. However, Americans continue to struggle against economic crisis and inflation. Several US states came forward to help their residents by sending out stimulus checks and people will receive them this summer 2023. 

Stimulus Checks In Idaho And Illinois 

2 stimulus checks are offered in Idaho since 2022. Every family member is eligible to receive a tax rebate worth $75 or 12% tax liability of the household. This amount will depend on the tax returns for 2020. Another stimulus payment program in Idaho is called a “Special Rebate Session” of $600 to couples and $300 for individuals. Eligible recipients yet to file tax returns or filed later will receive this payment during 2023 summer. 

Illinois also started 2 stimulus programs. Property and single tax rebate worth $700 is owed to more than 6 million residents. In addition, couples under $400,000 AGI while singles less than $200,000 are eligible for a tax rebate on income. 

Relief Aid In Other States 

The relief payment for Winter Energy in Maine is offering $450 to eligible non-dependents while couples will get $900. Payments are being sent out and will reach by 30th September 2023. 

The tax refund in Massachusetts is owed to a few eligible residents which is 14.0312% of the state income tax of 2021. Payments will continue to go out till 15th September. Montana residents will receive tax rebates or/and property rebates. Individuals may receive $1,250 and couples will get $2,500 from 15th August to 1st October. 

New Mexico is providing 2 new stimulus check rebates. Individuals who have filed taxes and others who do not need to file.