Stimulus Check: Massachusetts Residents Receiving Last Direct $400 Payment

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

In the next 48 hours, the final payment under Massachusetts’ Chelsea’s subsidy program for utilities and food is going to be sent out. The stimulus check payment has a maximum amount of about $400.

More Details About The Massachusetts Stimulus Check Subsidy

On May 15th, the final stimulus checks for this subsidy will be arriving at the doorsteps of 738 households that had been selected earlier. The amount ranges from a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $400. These stimulus check funds are designed to subsidize payments for utility bills and food.

A spokesperson from Chelsea City talked to a news outlet about the stimulus check funds and the manner they will be sent. They said that recipients received debit cards for these funds back in March. That card will be where the funds will be credited to.

The website of the stimulus check subsidy program clarified that the program’s recipients are chosen via a system of lottery. Furthermore, applications are also being reviewed by the staff of the city. Applications that include children younger than 18, veterans, seniors older than 65, disabled residents, families who do not qualify for other assistance from the federal government, families whose household head identifies as a female, and family members whose gender identity is marginalized will be preferred.

The issued stimulus check subsidy amount is dependent on the number of household members present. $200 will be sent to households having only one member. A two-member household will get $300. A household that has at least three members or more will be receiving a maximum of $400.

The eligibility criteria for these funds deemed it necessary for families to be Chelsea residents, and have their total family income be 30% below the meridian of the area. As such, one-member households will only qualify if they earn less than $29,450.