Stimulus Check Update- Cash Payments In Place In California

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

It is expected that most of the households in the state of California will be received a stimulus check payment of $1,050 from the government.

This would allow the citizens of the state to put the most expensive gasoline in the country in their cars- serving as part of a relief package in the record-setting operating budget of the state that most of the legislators are about to approve in the following week. This proposal would directly send in cash to the taxpayers rather than suspending the tax of the state on fuel- which would also account for 51.1 cents per gallon of the price at the pump. It is also expected that the price of gas would see a scheduled increase of 3 cents on Friday.

Stimulus Check Payment In California

While a few other states have already halted their taxes on fuel amidst calls for a suspension of the national gas tax by President Joe Biden, the Democrats who have control of the government in California have flat-out refused to do the same because they have very little trust in the big oil companies.

They don’t expect the MNCs and the refineries to simply pass along the savings to the drivers in the state. Instead, the lawmakers in the state have plans of distributing a stimulus check sum of $9.5 billion to around 23 million people- which would be around 10% of the record-breaking budget surplus of the state- fixed at $97 billion. 

The administration of Gavin Newsom has claimed that it will be around October before the taxpayers would be receiving the stimulus check money. It could also be 10 months into a year of record-high gas prices. Goes without saying, the Republicans in the state legislature criticized this move heavily- as they claimed that the money could have been saved if the state had suspended its tax on fuel. 

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