Stimulus Check Update: Which States Are Currently Offering Payments?

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

With the elections coming up soon, one can hazard a guess that the best way for politicians to accrue votes would be pushing for stimulus check payments in their states. As of now, Congress seems to be pretty gridlocked in its move towards more stimulus payments at a federal level. The Republicans have also no added incentive in letting the POTUS have this win- given the state of play before the midterm elections of this fall. Therefore, with the federal government out of the picture, it is time for state governments to stand up and take the helm.

Stimulus Check Payments To Be Issued In Several States

For the last couple of months, state governments have been arguing for more stimulus check payments to be issued to their citizens. The payments have been proposed for things like gas- with the gas rebate checks- to checks that would return a majority portion of the budget surplus to the residents. Just the previous year, most American taxpayers received close to seven stimulus payments from the federal government. These included the six CTC payments, along with a third stimulus payment which was issued as a response to the pandemic. 

In the state of Colorado, the government has decided that around 3.4 million full-time residents of the state would be receiving a tax rebate- of either a stimulus check sum of $400 for individuals, or $800 for joint filers. These payments would be based on the state tax returns that should have been filed by the 31st of May, 2021. Also, the money will be going out in either August or September. In the state of Indiana, the law does automatically send the excess reserve funds of the state back to taxpayers- especially when a certain threshold has already been reached. 

The legislators in the state of Idaho have also appropriated a sum of $350 million for stimulus check tax rebates. Interestingly, the payments did already get sent in the month of March.