Federal Energy Stimulus Check: This Program Offers Up to $1,800 in Assistance

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Stimulus checks from the federal government may not come directly, however, Americans will still benefit from other payments that the central government has put on offer. It can be used to earn some relief from the suffering caused by rising prices. Washington D. C. residents, for example, can avail of a program on offer from the federal government that will let them cover a maximum of $1800 when it comes to costs for their energy. This federal stimulus check for energy is a component of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Federal Stimulus Checks For Energy: Its Identity?

Under the program called LIHEAP, eligible Washington residents can receive financial assistance ranging from $250 to $1,800 as a cover for cooling and heating energy.

According to the District of Columbia Energy Department, the amount of stimulus check assistance a household receives depends on household size, home type, heat source, and total income of the household.

The program under LIHEAP program is offering 2 types of help: emergency and regular. The program is offering periodic energy assistance but for only one time in the year, between October 1st and September 30th. Emergency assistance will be available to residents whose gas or electricity has been discontinued or who do not have any more oil for heating their homes.

To be eligible for the help, for the tax year from 1st October 2021 to 30th September 2022, as of January 30, 2022, the highest annual income threshold for a household of one person stands at $42,920. For a household of two people, the income threshold stands at $56,126. For a three-member household, the income threshold stands at $69,332.

For a four-member family, the income threshold stands at $82,538. For a five-member household, the income threshold stands at $95,744. For a six-member household, the income threshold stands at $108,950. For a seven-member household, the income threshold stands at $111,426. For an eight-member household, the income threshold stands at $113,902.

Washington D.C. Residents must request for it via an application if they want to avail of this stimulus check. You will also have to send the most recent utility bills, cards for social security, family income proof (everyone in the home), and photographs of everyone in the home. For urgent requests, the applicant must also provide a service interruption notice or letter stating that the service has been interrupted.

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