Stimulus Checks At The Most Crucial Time

Stimulus Check

Inflation is rising in the United States and the government is being a total angel right, now by sending those stimulus checks. These relief checks are going to save millions home and save people from massive amounts of debt.

Stimulus Checks Working As Inflation Fund

The election is knocking at the door, and each of the party’s main concerns is stimulus checks. Every state is issuing relief checks, and each type has three to four rounds. There are certain criteria for the citizens to claim those payments made by the federal government. And Americans are hopeful about receiving more in the future, as by the governmental discussion they are thinking of ending this payment cycle. Stimulus checks were a blessing when the pandemic started, but some feel it is now cursed in disguise as it’s causing the unemployment rate. As some of the lower income families with many dependants are getting paid by doing nothing. Some single isn’t even willing to go back to work.

During the pandemic, the government issued three payments called Economic Impact Payments(EIP). It was only for the US taxpayers, the first relief check worth $1200 was issued in April 2020, the next $600 in December 2020, and the last was issued in March 2021 worth $1400.

Nearly 63% of Americans responded with federal governments issuing new stimulus checks to support themselves. And only 42% responded by strongly agreeing with receiving further checks.

Every state has different opinions regarding stimulus payments, some of them are going by their self-made rulebook, and supplying checks in different forms. California supplying stimulus checks as middle-class tax income refunds. Some believe stimulus checks are damaging the economy and may cause inflation in the near future massively.