Sydneysiders opt for high-fashion face masks to protect from the toxic bushfire smoke

Placing the ASH in vogue: Person casually strolls along Sydney road sporting a GIMP MASK to steer clear of toxic bush-fire smoke – as the others make MORE inventive

  • Sydneysiders have been sporting odd facial masks to protect themselves in the blanket of poisonous smoke 
  • ‘Bushfire selfies’ have swept social websites, with occupants keen to show off their trendy breathing masks  
  • But a few have been choosing for easy motorcycle masks, which do not properly protect from poisonous particles 


With Sydney suffocating beneath a blanket of smoke, taxpayers are taking extreme steps to safeguard themselves in the harmful contamination.

However, for most Sydneysiders, there is no reason to forgo their style credentials – since the town turned into a catwalk for eccentric and imaginative face masks.

The’bushfire posh’ fad arrived since the thick smog continued to blow across the city by the raging Gospers Mountain fire of town, together with the smoke going to linger for days ahead. 

Protesters rally during the "NSW is Burning, Sydney is Choking" Climate Emergency Rally organised by Uni Students for Climate Justice in Sydney

Protesters rally throughout the”NSW is Burning, Sydney is Choking” Domestic Emergency Rally organised by Uni Pupils for Climate Justice at Sydney

Pictured: Australia is on fire  mask

Pictured: Is this your solution mask

Individuals wrote their messages in their masks whenever they attended the climate rally in Sydney’s Town Hall

Opting for a catwalk-ready look, this woman showcased an embellished mask which matched her customised denim jacket

Opting for a catwalk-ready appearance, this girl showcased an adorned mask that matched her customised denim coat

Making sure she was Instagram-ready even as Sydney endured the suffocating smoke, this woman posed in a pale pink mask on social media

Ensuring that she had been Instagram-ready as Sydney suffered the suffocating smoke, and this girl introduced in a pale pink mask on social websites

Those preferring a very different look could take a leaf out of this Sydneysider's book after he was spotted in the CBD in a dramatic black mask that complemented the rest of his outfit

People preferring a very distinct appearance could take a leaf from the Sydneysider’s publication after he had been seen from the CBD at a stunning black mask which complemented the rest of his outfit

The NSW Environment Department said thick smoke lingering from Sydney was anticipated to clear Wednesday thanks to some’strong southerly’ wind.

But physicians have cautioned people can suffer long-term health effects from breathing at the’poisonous’ layer of smog.

weekly, air pollution from town reached such critical levels that breathing it had been the equal of smoking an whole pack of smokes. 

Data in the NSW Environment Department show amounts of PM2.5 – a particle so nice that people inhale it in their bodies had attained’poisonous’ levels.

That really is actually the worst type of air pollution, also poses a direct threat to health.

A protester at Sydney's climate emergency rally combined a gas mask with a bong as he joined thousands of others to demand immediate action to fight bushfires

A protester in Sydney’s climate crisis rally mixed a gas mask using a bong since he joined thousands of other people to need immediate actions to fight bushfires 

This man, spotted in Bondi, opted for a strange orange face mask to match his colourful singlet as he took a walk outside in the smoke

This guy, seen in Bondi, chosen for a peculiar orange facial mask to coincide with his colourful singlet because he took a stroll out in the smoke

Even a thick blanket of smoke couldn't stop this woman posing on Bondi Beach, using a selfie stick to get the perfect bushfire pic

A thick blanket of smoke could not prevent this girl posing Bondi Beach, employing a selfie stick to acquire the ideal bushfire pic

This group of young Sydney mates decided to wear matching masks for a festive party, enjoying glasses of wine as they protected themselves from the toxic haze

This set of youthful Sydney partners chose to wear fitting masks for a joyous celebration, enjoying glasses of wine since they shielded themselves from the poisonous haze

Stop burning our babies future: Pregnant women attended the rally in support of their children's future

Cease burning our infants potential: mature women attended the rally in support of the children’s potential

Maintaining safe in the smoke

Children, the elderly and individuals with lung and heart ailments are most in danger.

To minimise the threat for your health, there are a number of measures you may take.

– Stay inside with the windows shut

– Preferably stay in an air-conditioned building

– Reduce outside activities, such as all college sports

– Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or moist cloth to decrease exposure to dust particles.

– Employ a P2 or P3 mask, which blocks the best particles if fitted properly within the mouth and nose

– Seek medical advice if you’re feeling sick

A number of the very intense masks seem like they came directly from a dystopian movie, with a single girl modelling a glowing pink Hello Kitty face mask with glowing pink breathing filters.

Pros said individuals searching for a mask must elect for a more P2 mask or even more powerful, which would be the sort usually worn by contractors.

Also called a PT respirator, the mask is especially designed to filter out fine particles in the atmosphere, which may help prevent them reaching the respiratory system.

The dangerous particles taken by bushfire smoke, PM2.5, possess a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which means that they could only be detected with an electron microscope.

This implies they’re so small and light they remain in the atmosphere for more and can be readily inhaled by people and creatures – bypassing the throat and nose to penetrate deep in the lungs.

Respiratory ailments scientist Professor Brian Oliver explained spending a day breathing that this low carb atmosphere is as bad as being a toaster.

Several scientific studies have found a link between exposure to fine particles and premature death from heart and lung disease.

They’re also known to severely influence chronic conditions including asthma, heart attack as well as bronchitis.

Sydneysiders have adopted a bizzare new selfie trend as bushfires raging across New South Wales push a hazardous smoke haze over the Harbour City

Sydneysiders have embraced a bizzare fresh selfie tendency as bushfires raging across New South Wales push a poisonous smoke haze within the Harbour City

A woman commuting in Bondi chose a very colourful face mask to protect herself from the blanket of toxic smoke, with the most dangerous particles able to enter the respiratory system

 A female commuting in Bondi picked a very bright face mask to shield herself out of the blanket of poisonous smoke, together with the most damaging particles ready to enter the lymph system

This man opted for a basic hospital mask, which is not known to protect wearers from the most dangerous pollutant particles

This guy opted to get a fundamental hospital mask, which Isn’t known to protect wearers in the dangerous pollutant particles 


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