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Zendaya Shows Off Vintage Valentino To Euphoria Premiere

The lady of the times, Zendaya, has put her own twist on a vintage gown from Valentino on the virtual red carpet for the...
dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson Will Now Be Seen On Sesame Street

If one hasn’t been in touch with news from Hollywood recently, let us make this clear once and for all Dwayne Johnson is in...
Cardi B

Cardi B Believes Her Son Is Quite Special In Certain Regards

Let’s be honest- Cardi B has always been pretty real with her fans when it comes to raising kids- as she frequently uploads videos...
The 355

The 355: Jessica Chastain Plays Lead In Ensemble Action Flick

When Jessica Chastain announced at the Cannes that she would change the entire genre of ensemble action flicks by replacing male actors with females,...
Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew’s Uncertain Fate Has Cast A Dark Shadow On The Royals Of Britain

While Queen Elizabeth II will soon be celebrating her 70th year of ascension to the English throne, the celebration will definitely be marred by...