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Dogu Express

Exploring Turkey’s Epic Eastern Dogu Express

The journey aboard Turkey's Eastern Express, also known as the Dogu Express, offers travelers a unique and immersive experience through the country's lesser-explored eastern...
Polar Ice Caps

The Impact of Melting Polar Ice Caps on Earth’s Rotation

In a recent study published in Nature, researchers have unveiled a surprising discovery: the melting of polar ice due to climate change is influencing...
Peggy and Molly

An Unlikely Friendship: Peggy and Molly

For four years, Peggy, a Staffordshire bull terrier, and Molly, a magpie, formed an unlikely friendship that captured the hearts of millions online. Despite...
Julian Assange

Julian Assange Granted Leave to Appeal

The High Court in London has recently made a significant decision regarding Julian Assange's extradition to the United States. After being granted leave to...
Alejandro Mayorkas

Senate Rejects Impeachment Articles Against Alejandro Mayorkas

The Senate swiftly disposed of the impeachment articles against Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, closing the historic trial before it gained momentum as the Democratic...